About Redstone

Redstone Rescue was founded in 2021 with one goal in mind: help in some of the hardest to help places. 

Often times Northern and Working breed dogs find themselves in shelters or lost on streets simply by being who they are at heart: busy working dogs. This was our mission and our passion to provide a safe place for those dogs to regain their footing and find safe homes for ever after rescue. 

Often times training and medical care in shelter and rescue situations can be bare minimum and our goal here at Redstone is to provide high quality in both areas to provide the best chances of success for each dog. 

We are a Fear Free focused organization and aim to make each dog's life a little less scary with each new, brighter day. 


Our Founder

Medical Director/Chairwoman

Janelle, Redstone Founder, has been a veterinary technician and Siberian Husky mom since 2006. She fell deeply in love with the breed at that time and over her career came to adore other working breed dogs and the rescue mission to save the world one dog at a time. 

Each of her dogs has had an incredibly special place in her heart and a special story to her life, and she hopes to help each dog through rescue find the family that he or she can touch the lives of with their paw. 

By opening the doors of Redstone in Texas, she knew she would have the ability to pick up some of the pieces that were falling through understaffed and under-resourced hands of other shelters and rescues. Through community support she strongly believes that we can accomplish the goal of saving the world for each dog. 

Chief Executive Officer


Stephen, Redstone CEO, has dedicated his career to human medicine through multiple modalities since 2006.  It was not long before he began to see the connection between positive health changes and interactions with animals.

Already an avid dog lover, he began to fall in love with the personalities and the unique quirks that come with the Husky breed.  After training his Husky, Mirajane, to work with him as his service dog he could see the positive effects that the human-animal bond brought.

Seeing the intense need in both human and animal health in the Texas area, he has devoted his time to advocating for the safety and health of both.  He does this through rescue efforts, and by promoting positive mental health through the human-animal bond in the field of Psychology and Counseling.