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Make a Donation

Janelle Newton holding husky in forest

Our work wouldn't be possible without the goodwill of those that support our cause.  All donations that are made go fully towards the care of the animals.  Neither our Directors, nor our Staff are paid for their work.  This is a labor of love done fully on a volunteer basis. 

All donations are tax deductible.

You can donate through DonorBox which accepts all primary forms of payment, through Paypal, or through our Amazon Wishlist.

Donate: Donate

Donate From Our Wish Lists

We also have another way that you can donate to Redstone Husky Rescue.  You can donate through purchasing items that we need on Amazon or Chewy.  We are always in need of supplies to be able to fulfill our mission, and help as many animals as possible.  Our address will automatically populate when selecting items from the list.

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Sponsor a Husky

You can follow these links to sponsor a dog in our care monthly! Monthly financial sponsorships cover basic needs like food, toys, treats, and wellness care! 

We also have wish lists of items for adults, sacntuary dogs, puppies, and the whole pack!

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