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Surrendering and Rehoming
We are not accepting surrenders or strays at this time.

No Judgement

We understand that circumstances change and unfortunately sometimes your home may no longer be the right home for your furry companion.  Sometimes the right move is to have a rescue step in and make sure that they get to a new home that has the right circumstances for them.  If we have the space and resources we can help to find a new home for your pet.

As we are a small, home based rescue we are unable to take in any pets that show aggression.


If you would prefer to rehome your pet yourself, or we don't have the ability to take in a surrender, but could use some help in the process, we recommend using Rehome by Adopt-A-Pet, and by using it from the link below you will help support Redstone Husky Rescue and help find a new home for your pet.

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