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Redstone Sponsorships

The current state of animal welfare is considered in crisis. With dogs pouring into shelters, rescues have been far over capacity for years. To make matters worse, in 2022 to 2023 we saw a drastic plumet in adoption rates. Dogs are living in rescue care for over a year on average currently. Puppies have been literally growing up and celebrating milestones in rescue care. With that, we struggle sometimes to financially balance everything. 

You may choose to sponsor a Redstone Dog - puppy, adult, or sanctuary dog - by funding their needs for the month or sending items from a sponsorship wish list via Amazon. Monthly needs include things that are simple like food, toys, or fresh bedding. As time goes by, dogs do require wellness care to be updated. The funds needed for each dog will change as that comes up. 

You may also want to send something to the Pack Sponsorship. We do roughly 4 to 6 loads of laundry every day, and each wash load gets a soap pod, color safe bleach, and laundry sanitizer added. We also need to keep our kennels clean, so we use hospital grade disinfectants on each kennel every day. Items needed may change monthly depending on the needs here at the rescue. 


Sanctuary Dog

Rosemary lived as a street dog for at least 5 to 6 years prior to coming to Redstone for rescue care. She was heartworm positive and had countless litters of puppies prior. Rose is terrified of most new things and loud noises and has extreme storm phobia. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that a family both equipped and willing to handle her behavioral needs will arise. She is also approximately 9 years old. 

As such, Rosemary is welcome to live life with us as part of our pack in our home until either this unicorn family is found or the time comes for her to cross the Rainbow Bridge. 



Sanctuary Dog

Goliath is an approximately 3 year old Anatolian Shepherd Pyrenees mix that struggles signifcantly with anxiety. He has been passed up for adoption due to the anxiety he has and he has been no-showed on meet and greets more than once. He shows partial instinct to work for livestock, but at the same time he has had no training or exposure. Life inside a home is difficult for him due to the anxiety and instinctual conflicts, so he is a very difficult case. Given that we have found ways to keep him happy and give him good quality of life while struggling to find appropriate placement for him, we are comitting to sanctuary status for Goliath unless the perfect placement comes forward. 


Adult Sponsorship

Luna is an approximately 5 year old Husky that lived the first portion of her life in a 4x4 pen and she was only given clean water and food at most once a day, usually less. She has been with Redstone for over a year and she was adopted once for a few days and quickly returned for being "out of control" and "a terrible dog". She has been here a while and would love a sponsor while waiting for someone to pick her as their new best friend.



Adult Sponsorship

Bronco came to Redstone as a stray that went unclaimed. He is a youngster that needs to learn some basic skills and manners, but he is a very sweet boy with typical husky puppy energy. 


Adult Sponsorship

Equinox was hours from being euthanized when a volunteer said they could help get her to us from Houston. Her sister had been liberated a few weeks earlier, and Solstice has since been adopted. Equinox is a lovely little lady that is just waiting for an adopter to come around! Until then, would you like to sponsor her? 



Adult Sponsorship

Mordecai came to Redstone after he was attacked by other dogs as a stray himself. He then had a horrible flareup of mange which did significant damage to his skin. He is currently in recovery and we hope he will be adoptable in early 2024! 


Adult Sponsorship

Saiph is an approximately 3 year old female husky/malamute mix that is looking for a single dogs family. This makes finding placement for her hard. She has completed heartworm treatment and has recovered really well. Can you sponsor her while she continues to look for a family to have all to herself? 

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Adult Sponsorship

Gordon came to Redstone with a bullet lodged inside him, unable to walk on a hind leg, his tail was limb and nonfunctional, and he was severely emaciated. He is gaining weight and he is regaining function of both his leg and his tail, but his recovery is going to take time before he can be neutered and then go up for adoption. Would you want to sponsor this sweet boy that has been through so much? His sponsorship amount will increase by $80 in the month of August to help cover his neuter surgery. 


Adult Sponsorship

Geo came to us when she and her siblings were 5 days old. She was adopted for a short time and had to come back at 6 months old due to a catastrophic event in her adoptive family. She has been with us ever since. She has been on heartworm prevention her whole life and she is just looking for a home now! If you'd like to sponsor her while she finds her home, please visit the Adult Sponsorship Wish List or her Financial Sponsorship links! 



Adult Sponsorship

Bingo made his way to Redstone after his owner was imprisoned and his caretaker stopped providing care for him. He was living on property with deceased livestock and had an old traumatic amputation of the lower half of his back leg. He underwent a formal surgical amputation of his leg, and he is currently undergoing heartworm treatment and behavioral/emotional rehabilitation. He has his own special wish list linked here and we are currently fundraising for his heartworm treatment expenses. 


Adult Sponsorship

Gemma was a stray capture when she had her litter of puppies under a shed. She had been on the run from July to November. Gemma has been with us since November 2021. Her puppies have all found placement, but because Gemma has some behavior struggles (fearful and easily spooked) she has struggled to find a home of her own. She has been in foster care during her time with us and her sponsorship will help supply her foster with food for her and for her wellness medical care. 



Adult Sponsorship

Finn is from a small shelter that doesn't have the resouces for medical needs outside of the basics, so when Finn was diagnosed with severe glaucoma and it was determined that his eye needed to be removed, he came to us. Finn is currently going through medical recovery and should hopefully be up for adoption in early 20241


Adult Sponsorship

Shaitan is Marid's twin brother that came from the same far over capacity shelter. He is the more shy of the two and he likes to snuggle more. He would love if you could send him some food from the Puppy Sponsorship Wish List link! 



Pack Sponsorship

The pack sponsorship wish list is designed to be the day to day items not everyone thinks about when they think "operational needs". Occasionally you might see paper towels, copy paper, folders, file dividers, a lot of laundry supplies, nitrile gloves, pest control (snakes/ants), trash bags and other maintenance items. These are things that we need in order to keep the rescue going, keep everyone happy, and keep them clean and healthy. 


Special Projects

Pack Sponsorship

Here at Redstone, we are always reaching for our next thing we can improve, the next project we can accomplish to better the lives of the rescue dogs while they are in our care. Currently we are setting out sights on building more kennel buildings and more yard space. Eventually we hope to have a very large kennel with indoor/outdoor runs and common play areas with dedicated laundry and food storage. We hope to eventually be able to double our intake capacity with a new building added to our property. 

We recently purchased a used transport van so that we can maximize the number of dogs we can take for surgery, wellness, and medical care at a time rather than having to make several trips. This van's expense was $5000 to the rescue. 

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